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Let's get lost together...

When I met Sarah + Alex at Rosy Mound trails none of us had any idea what the evening had in store for us! Of course, we had to get photos with their puppy, too. Because dogs aren't allowed in the park we had to finish the shoot without him. Want to skip to the gallery? Go HERE!

When we got to the first set of stairs climbing up the dune I knew something was off but I couldn't place it. I was so busy teaching Sarah + Alex posing that I didn't stop long enough to realize that I had gotten my parks mixed up. My brain thought I was at Kirk Park but it was Rosy Mound!

It was about this point that I realized my mix up but we were having fun and the light was *MAGICAL* so we kept shooting.

We snuck down to the beach and played around for a little while with intentions on wandering back to do some moody photos in the woods... the only problem was that we didn't know our way back!!

We ended up wandering in a big circle for about an hour before we realized that the only way back was going to be back up the giant set of stairs that we were now too tired to be excited about. Needless to say, we are alive but we missed the gate closing on the park by less than 10 minutes. So, we decided we would go out again a few weeks later!

This time, I brought Katie with me just because we make magic together. We started in an area just off the parking lot but quickly realized that one of my main lenses had gotten broken sometime recently so I had to switch lenses

Of course, we brought the goodest boy of them all!

We had seen rain in the forecast and were crossing our fingers for a little romantic rain during our shoot and WOW were we impressed! It's almost like the universe knew it had been giving us a hard time and wanted to reward our tenacity. It sent us the most magical little sprinkle - I have so many feelings and no words!

Katie had brought a clear umbrella with her so we pulled it out for some gorgeous back-lit shots. I love everything about these, especially Sarah's face - now I am wondering what he said to her when I told him to whisper in her ear!!

What better way to celebrate than champagne?!?!

Oh, we haven't had enough yet? Well, let's do a smoke bomb, then. With the humidity, I wasn't sure what to expect but I was not disappointed...

And it just kept getting better and better and better!

And, of course, we can't forget the ring. Was it a last minute thought? Yes... does that usually lead to funky, creative ideas? Yep! Can we take a moment and talk about this gorgeous ring?

We are excited for Sarah + Alex's wedding next year - congrats, you two! You've got a chemistry that can't be denied and I am looking forward to celebrating with you!

Go check out the rest of the gallery HERE!

As always, share us with your friends and keep us in mind when you hear about newly engaged couples. Word of mouth is our biggest source of business and we LOVE how you guys hype us up! You're all wonderful <3 Bethany

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